The 2010 annual comix camp finished today!  It was held out at somewhere-or-other at this communist collective camp out in the bush.  It was  a complex of all these sleeping cabins, shacks, ricketty showers and loads of good, old fashioned pit dunnies where the smell of poo and wee and chemicals wafts up between your legs when you are trying to read Judge Dredd.   While this happens,  you may wonder who’s poo it is that you can smell but I didn’t, I just pressed on with what needed to be done.   Next to the bogs was the toolshed where they had all these hard-hats, which they probably wear for posters and that.

But the rest of the weekend was spent sitting around a long line of tables with 16 or so other Victorian comickers, reading graphic novels, talkin about nerdy stuff, drinking beer and eating some rad grapes.   Oh hang on, I forgot to mention the drawing.   We all went mental with our pens and did some particularly awesome comic jams.  I don’t have scans here, but I will link to them when the others post em, but here are a few pix I did.  Right click and ‘view image’ to see them at normal size.

Did a couple of comics too which I’ll post later! G’night!