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Episode #2: Don’t Be Shame, Be Game


In this episode, we are sex-obsessed. We talk about the comics in free youth magazine STREETWIZE and how its spin-off, JAILWIZE, helped inmates get laid safely, we discuss the least erotic comic book ever made in Australia and even many of Ben’s Tootleg Boy music tracks are about sex. Sexy!

Also, we plug our own stuff again, touch on the giant “Life: Be In It!” ball and classic Aussie cartoonists, there’s plenty of swearing and David impugns the reputation of a dead cartoonist. Plus an exclusive interview with William Shatner!

You can download Ben’s music at his website. Here are the tracks used in this podcast, so you know which ones to get:

Sing A Song Of Bum Sex

  • I Am Saucy
  • Pop Punk Is So Exciting
  • Shlong Surgery
  • I Rode To Woden
  • There Is Nothing Like A Sex

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