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Episode #3: Look At What You See

In this hour-long slice of cartoonist overkill, we report on how the Comic Book Funny events at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival went, and present chunky excerpts of Week 2’s discussion, featuring Benno, Glenn Smith and Ross Tesoriero (sorry about the audio quality). Also, we finally talk a bit about local comics we like rather than bagging out crap ones.

Beyond this,

  • we chat about our recent visits to Sticky, Gallery 696 and the Melbourne Bar & Bistro (”Melbourne’s Cumhole”)
  • Ben updates us on his drawing board situation
  • we try out some product placement
  • Ben’s Tootleg Boy music gets some well-deserved media love
  • David honks the horn for “Comics In A Day” at the Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival
  • Ben tells of his encounters with FAMOUS PEOPLE!
  • and we end on a song!

Ben Hutchings –
Glenn Smith –
Ross Tesoriero –
Aural Text on 3RRR! Thanks to Alicia Sometimes and Stella Glorie for saying “Sing A Song Of Bum Sex” and “Shlong Surgery” live on air –
Trumpet ice cream –
Sticky zine shop –
Gallery 696 –
Brunswick Bound –
Patrick Alexander –
David Tang –
stikman –
Paul Elliott from Polyester Books asked the question about how some comix have good art but bad stories and vice versa –
Supanova Pop Culture Expo –
Armageddon Expo –
Melbourne Bar & Bistro –
Any comics we mentioned without their own website can probably be found at Tabula Rasa Australian comics gallery –
Try a Google search for Gerard Ashworth. I did, and found full copies of some of his comics online, in PDF format!

Tootleg Boy tracks in this podcast:
– Little Bit Of Jesus

“The Never Ending Story” was written by Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey. We adapted our arrangement from a MIDI file, author unknown.

Special thanks to our new robot announcers.