From the Australian Financial Review, Friday 30th October:

Unit Man will show up in grocery catalogues, online and at checkouts. But the Queensland Consumers Association doubted the unit prices would be as visible as their heroic mascot.
“We have found far too many of the labels are either difficult or impossible to read for a normal-sighted person,” spokesman Ian Jarratt said.
“The print height isn’t big enough, the print isn’t dense enough, in some cases the characters are too close together and in others they are too low on the shelves.”
Melbourne-based cartoonist Ben Hutchings did not share consumer groups’ apprehension.
“He’s quite well drawn – and cute,” he said.

Now I sound like an antagonistic shit-stirrer.  I wonder if when Ian Jarratt reads this (if it’s printed on paper) he’ll scrunch the very page with his clenched fist (of rage) as he reads it, his face turning a deep shade of crimson and his whole body shaking.  Then he might get his index finger and stick it in his collar and pull it out to let cool air flow and swirl around his tits to reduce his body temperature.

I wonder if he is actually really insecure and reading some hip cartoonists laid-back, laconic counterpoint will make him feel foolish and uncool in front of his fiancee.  Or maybe I am the fool, because Ian Jarrat seems to have a no-nonsense design sensibility but my opinion is just baseless.

I guess only time will tell who is the fool, and indeed if perhaps in our own ways we are all fools.


By Ben aged 34.

PS:  I have like two itchy bites on my arse.