From the Upcoming EP Knock Knockclick the title and read along with the lyrics!

Can You Find My Sh*t?

I did a sh*t can you find it?
I’ll give you a clue – it’s in the pot plant
bum [x 9]
wee [x 9]

Try a Little Tenderness

Try a little tenderness
Show her you’re a tender soul
Try a little tenderness
So she forgets you’re an arsehole
Don’t just stuff your bollocks in her earhole in the morning sun
Don’t just take her running just to show her that you have the runs
Don’t make reservations at a hotel made for fat, gay men
Asking her to have a shave so you can pretend she’s female

Ghost F*ckers up my *rse

I’ve got ghost f*ckers up my *rse [x 3]
and i can’t ride my horse
I’ve got ghost f*ckers in my ring [x 2]
Cotton pickin’ cowboy ghosts they sure do f*ckin’ sting
Cowboy ghosts are in my ring [x 2]
It’s so hard to ride a horse when you have dead men up your orse
How the f*ck did they get in there?
it’s no place for a cowboys lair
rustlin’ cattle isn’t fun when you’re inside a bum
cowboys in my rectum
cowboys in my crack pipe
cowboys up my jacksie
cowboys in my cracksie

Urrrrrrrggggghhhh FUN-NEEEH!