Lesson Master: The Lesson of Desks

Other Lesson Master ideas you might see soon (but probably not):

  • The Lesson of Caring About Dumb Stuff like IPhones and HDTV
  • The Lesson of Being Proudly Australian While Refusing to Help Humans
  • The Lesson of The Unimportance of Breakfast Despite What Nutritionists and Fatties Say
  • The Lesson of Hearts that Aren’t ‘Bleeding’
  • The Lesson of Dressing Ironically
  • The Lesson of “Couldn’t You Just Do That On The Computer?”
  • The Lesson of Laughing at the 80s Like The Zeroes are Any Better
  • The Lesson of Being Taken Seriously In A Nepalese Hat
  • The Lesson of How Emboldening Words Like This Reminds Ben Hutchings of Mad Magazine
  • The Lesson of Hallowe’en (I will do this one)
  • The Lesson of Beards With No Moustaches

Peace out, dogs!  Have a lovely Post-15 of November.  (Never Forget)

Also, don’t forget to see my show upstairs at Brunswick Street Gallery.  Only a few days left to go!  Brunswick st, Fitzroy.  Take the 112 Tram or just walk – you have legs don’t you?  Man you’re lazy.  Also buy my EP.  Love yoooou!