At last I’m back home after the National Gallery of Victoria being my studio for 4 weeks. Inherent Vice was too fun to describe! We all got slightly famous for it, giving heaps of interviews to the media such as this one.

Anyway, I used this event as an opportunity to draw a comic idea called Walking to Japan. I’m hoping to get it done in time for Adam Pasion’s Aftershock anthology – a comic fundraiser for Japan’s tsunami victims. No guarantee I’ll get it done in time, but it gives me a good deadline, and a great motivation. To see some finished frames why not go to the tumblr?

The whole reason for this post though, is to show you the little thumbnails for it, which people seem to get a kick out of.

In other news You Stink & I Don’t #10 is to be released on the 20th of September! I’ll post a flyer for that very soon. Milk Shadow Books are publishing most of my titles now, and I’ll be handing over the responsibility of printing, distributing and all that to them!