…as part of the 4-show music bonanza headlined by Jess Ribeiro and the Bone Collectors. The show was three hours, so I sat there, drawing silly sketches of the patrons and bands. It was really dark, so I couldn’t actually see any of them. I love my colour artline felt-tips coz they bring out somethin’ raw and not-carish!

This girl down here is meant to be Courtney Barnett.

This band were called Patinka Cha Cha. These drawings are photorealistic, too.

Jess Ribeiro and Pals were last. Jess is way prettier in real life.

OK, these guys are prettier in real life too….

I was getting a bit sad about not being able to meet up with an old friend that night. Then I drew this bad boy.

So, there will be three more of these concerts this September! They are on every Tuesday night, 7:30 at the Toff in Town, which is level 2, Curtin House, Swanston st, Melbo. Remember to go to the final one on the 27th, OK? That is where I will be launching a new comic book!