Had another couple o’ stints at the Toff over the past two Tuesdays. Dig these crazy drawings!
This young dude was called Forever Son.  He so reminded me of Narrabundah college days…

These two were called Sweet Jean.

I needed to wee. Also I can’t draw Jess no matter what. She is an enigma and doesn’t look like this.

So these dudes were called Cherry Wood and I couldn’t get the singer. He came out like Mr Lucky Duck from Tim & Eric!

Simone Paige and Miles O Neil are these two.   Simone was adorable!  During the performance she asked Bec & me what we were doing up the back – she thought we were writing critical reviews of their performance.  I was worried she’d hate these drawings but she loved ’em.

The bassist from Jess and the Bone Collectors asked me to draw him, and we agreed on $20. So I got all stressed and did two but he only had $15. Then what I did was, I put that on the internet so everyone knows he owes me $5.

The last Toff is next week…………..and it’s MY COMIC LAUNCH!