They have these chocolates that come with all cartoons and stickers of characters and that.

In Karuma they have a fire festival!
It’s packed so the cops are everywhere, herding the crowds.
I’m not drawing the crowds.

Yes, this is a coffee can. Woah, Nellie!

The hotels in Japan offer a wide selection of pornographic movies.
Sadly they’re in Japanese and so you can’t understand them.

This is some character by a juvenile manga artist I loveTatsuhiko Yamagami. I only own one of his obscure comics but I found a whole collection at the Kyoto Manga Museum! Then I discover he’s the same guy who draws Gaki Deka, which is like, totally famous. He always gets his willy out and wees in people’s faces and stuff.

I cycled from the quiet coastal town of Onomichi to Imabari, spanning 6 islands linked by 7 mighty bridges over the sea. It was an amazing but harrowing ordeal. This is the bridge mascot which I drew on the 6 hour round-about train ride back to Onomichi because I’d run out of cash for the bus back and my passport was with my luggage in a coin locker there. Tomorrow I look forward to rejoining Michael and Alison in Osaka, and to having an arse-ache to rival a jockey who likes to celebrate with bum slaps.