Time for some comix.

These are from the pages of You Stink & I Don’t, available in two volumes, from Milk Shadow Books!
Volume 1,
♥ Nigel Mansell’s Age of Rad
Tell Me O Father
The Joke’s on You!
Phun Times
Shakey McShane
Tax Pack Jack
My New Pal
Every Day I’m Learnin’
5 Guys in a Car
Where’s Me Nob?
God-God, God of Gods
Return of God-God, God of Gods
Doomben from Moonee Valley
The Day the Old Men Rolled Away
Steve of the Strikers
Steve of the Strikers II
Stupid Hair Girl and Gay Best Friend
Every Which Way but Wiss
Dr Phwoar takes a Urine Sample
Dr Phwoar Comics from Yesteryear
The Beard of Eternity
I used to make these when I was too lazy to really think up anything good, or draw. 
Thunder Mates
Thunder Mates II: The Action that Offended Tucky McTavish.
Thunder Mates III: Double-D Man
Thunder Mates IV: The Mighty Evil Dave
Thunder Mates V: Superman’s Sao Qualm
Thunder Mates VI: The Wrong Class!
Thunder Mates VII: I Just Don’t Get the Hate
Thunder Mates VIII: The Rapster!
Thunder Mates VIIII: The Creative Life!
Thunder Mates VIIIII: The Secret of the Warrior
Thunder Mates XI: Love 2099
Thunder Mates XII
Thunder Mates XIII: Spidernam
Thunder Mates XIV: The Spectacular Thunder-Mates of Saturn.
Thunder Mates XV: The Bavwhroom! Folks
Thunder Mates XVI
Thunder Mates XVII: The Thunder and his Symbol of America
Thunder Mates XX: Burn Witch, Burn!

Here is the ever-growing archive of valuable lessons, taught by our favourite Pedant from the Heavens, LESSON MASTER!

The Lesson of
Rubbish Bins
null The Lesson of Bike Paths
The Lesson of Adhering to Schedules The Lesson of Pronunciation
The Lesson of
Dentist Etiquette
The Lesson of Libraries
whee The Lesson of Parking Star Wars:
The Lesson of Points of View
No Country for old Sultana Boxes.

The Lesson of Children’s Films The Lesson of Piracy
The Lesson of Desks The Lesson of Marriage
The Lesson of Doctor’s Appointments The Lesson of Toilets
The Lesson of Bus Seating The Lesson of Fast Food
The Lesson of Coffee The Lesson of Halloween
The Lesson of Needles The Lesson of Cinemas