Here’s a 9 pager I did for David Tang’s Knee Pocket #3 in Feb 2007!

It was scripted by he, and drawn by I. Knee Pocket was never published, so our comic never saw the light of day.  I guess all I have to say about that is Tangs for the memories!  HA HA HA HA HA HA!

In other news, please forgive my lack of updatage. I wisely cancelled my internet before getting another replacement.  And I reported my credit card lost when it wasn’t, so I don’t have money. And on top of that I left my art supplies at my parent’s over Christmas.  Add to that the fact that this was all over the Christmas break, when nothing is open and BAM! I’m pretty much stuck with not much to do, except whatever it was people used to do for fun back in the 80s.

What I used to do for fun in the 1980s was, me and my brother Jim used to go into the hall, and close all the bedroom doors.  We’d then get these Windscreens O’Brian coasters which Dad had a big stack of in the top of the cupboard (he worked there, and not only did he get to drive a

Windscreens O’Brian van but they gave him a sweet pile of coasters for his very beverages). And what we’d do is sit at opposite ends of the hallway hurling these things at eachother like ninja stars. I don’t remember ever getting hit in the teeth with one, so we must have been shit ninjas, especially considering the hallway was only about 3 meters long.  To this day I still believe deep down that if you gave me a few months with some ninja stars and a pole to throw them at in a field in Japan, I’d soon become good enough to kill terrorists with guns.  One time, Jim did this really long fart as he shuffled his way out to the kitchen on his knees which was the funniest thing ever.

I also was friends with my next door neighbour Vanessa. We got along really well, and would sit on her driveway, and just talk for hours.  Until one day I told her that a school kid “pooed his pants”. She made this weird giggly sound and pulled a funny face, and ran down the driveway, disappearing around the corner into her backyard.  Moments later, her mum appeared at the front door, really stern, in a swimsuit with a massive pregnant belly poking out. Vanessa stood sheepishly behind her, as she began to scold me harshly for using bad language, telling me that she was going to have to tell my parents. Vanessa had warned her about my swearing.  Anyway, it was all weird after that and it pretty much ruined our friendship.

I remember being surprised when I told her that Earth was a sphere floating in space and she denied it, and was confused.  That makes sense now, coz it turns out they were pentecostal Chritians, and pentecostal Christians only like made-up facts, not real ones. 

Like that the creator of all matter in the universe, the laws of physics and of time itself gets wounded when we giggle about ‘poo’.

A few years later Vanessa was at my school and I was talking to my friend Andrew about Ninja Turtle comics.  She asked if we were talking about comics and then rolled her eyes in that American fashion and said, “I’m getting out of this loony bin!”.  Another girl named Corinne commented, with a look of disgust, that we “had a problem”.

24 years later and I’m drawing comics about people spewing for a pornographic magazine, so Me:1 Them:0 !