I was commissioned to create a diorama scene of 90s Canberra. So I started by sketching it out on the wrapping of the frame I was gonna put it in.

canberra 01 sketch I started by making the bus…. an iconic 90s model Action bus with clear plasic windows.

canberra 02 bus

Some details to go behind the upstairs windows of the Sydney Building. There did used to be a comic shop up there!

canberra 03 windows canberra 04 windows

The wall where the bus will be bursting out from. Most of this will end up being covered!

canberra 05 arches
I undid the bus and cut the rear windows out, so you could see more detail on the wall there.

canberra 06 bus fix and add
And here is the final version, all glued in place and with the glass pane in to keep it safe.

canberra 07 final