Boxed in

I’m busy preparing my artwork for this exhibition, which displays artwork in various glass boxes, mounted on the wall. I’ve snagged me the 718 x 416 box, which means I gots to work big, and as usual I’ve decided on an over-ambitious artwork which is giving me a hernia.

Should look pretty good tho, I reckon, and it’s good to push yourself innit? Especially after drawing lots of tiny, lazy silly comics. Now and then it’s good to make something bigger and challenge-istic. It’s like the fable of the small bear who crawled into small holes in trees to find honey. But one day he decided to stride upright into a large hole! That hole only turned out to be the rear entry of a Coles and the bear was rewarded with aisles of fresh humans – not to mention various sauces and garnishes. He then ambled out the back and totally got away with it. Never again did he bother with the small holes! He was way too muscly for that now. They didn’t bother to kill him. He was just doing what bears do. And so every summer he emerged to kill everyone in Coles. After he died it was estimated he had murdered 145 people over a 5 year period.

So I’m making a sort of scene out of drawings on card. It’s like being in year 5 and having to prepare a ‘project’ which I have to present to my classmates!

The facebook event is here