You know the drill.  RIGHT CLICK and VIEW IMAGEs!

This amazing comic is also available at Top Shelf today!  So go here if you really, really need to read the comic again at an alternative location.

And on an unrelated note I learned something I thought I’d share with you.

Things farting doesn’t improve:

  • Your appetite when you are cooking spaghetti
  • A hot shower
  • Waiting at a bus stop by yourself when suddenly the pedestrian light goes green and heaps of people appear out of nowhere and about three of them walk right past where you were but you moved a few meters, as if that’s going to fool anybody.

There’s a few other things that farting doesn’t improve but they will have to wait for a later date, just like the story about the prostitutes in Bangkok because I only just woke up and I haven’t even put pants on yet.  So stand by, chums!