This took about 6 hours!  it is meant to suggest the world of Fallout 3 which is a computer game which judging by the screenshots I used for reference is a shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world.  Gamers think the dumbest stuff is cool.  The Matrix was really, really popular.  But Good Game viewers are happy with us when we pander to them, so that’s what we do and it’s nice hearing them squeal with delight.

On my Sheezyart page once, I posted a Lesson Master episode and in one frame I drew the word Taito on the top of a building.  Taito are a computer game company.  Somebody responded with the message “Taito! 🙂” like they were really happy that I wrote the word Taito.

Speaking of computer game companies, when I was in Japan on the way to Kyoto on a bullet train I looked out at these paddocks and rice fields in the middle of nowhere and saw a multi-story Namco building.  Just thought it was weird, that’s all.

Also i went to the Tokyo Game Show with Felicity and David (also a 2K Australia employee) and looked at all the student developers work.  I woulda thought they’d be the best, being Japanese but they were nowhere near as good as Australians.  One dude had tried to make a game for the WII about a bunny that jumped jerkily through bright green hills, shooting fireworks inaccuarately into the sky which was plain black.  It didn’t work properly and had no shading but I played for a few minutes to be polite even though i was frustrated after one second.  Japanese concepts are always ten times better though.  The Tokyo Game Show was mostly mobile phone games as well which was weird.  Also, even though we were with 2K we still had to pay to get in.  I mean, we’d just made Bioshock. They probably would have sent limousines driven by geishas to pick us up if we’d actually told ’em we were coming.  At one point a journalist approached me to talk about games, just by chance, not knowing I was a developer.  Felicity is in marketing though, and I mumbled so much that she pretty much took over the interview.  I remember she tried to drop jargon like ‘motion capture’ into her speil which must be a marketing trick.  Afterwards I felt so lame that I’d been a game developer for eight years but had to get my girlfriend to talk for me about it even though she didn’t know what ‘motion capture’ really meant.