Ages ago, my friend David and mee did this experiment. We downloaded a foreign movie (I got Godzilla: Final Wars because it looked pretty rad.) and got the subtitle file with it. You can edit subtitle files in notepad and it’s just a long list with all the dialogue and the time when it appears on screen.

So without watching the movie first, we set about reading the subtitles, then, trying to imagine what might be going on in the scene, we replaced each line of dialogue with rude, surreal and amusing sentences. Then we watched the film! It was the best movie ever. I’ve yet to watch the normal version. Here are some bits what came out kinda good. Later on we did the Japanese film “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” and David had all the characters talking about how sexy my beard was. After half an hour of that I began to get uncomfortable. Anyway never mind that. Watch this!