Presenting The Tootleg Boy Anthology! I are proud to present a magical CD collection of over 280 very short, peurile songs, created electronically, and sung with feeling by a computer.  With classic tunes such as Nail in my Dickhole, Wee Drinkers, I am Saucy, A Little Bit of Jesus, The Pirate Song, Saucy Man Saucy Woman, I Like Pine Plantations and Sniff My Penis, Tootleg Boy takes electronica away from the dance floor and into my toilet.

The CD comes complete with a fully illustrated lyrics booklet, containing artworks from collaborating comic artists from around Australia, all inspired by the Tootleg Boy songs.  Contributing cartoonists include Arran McKenna, David Blumenstein, Giles Kilham, Pat Grant, Patrick Alexander, Rebecca Clements, Glenn Smith, me, Daniel Reed, Anton Emdin, Gina Monaco, Ross Tesoriero and Chris Downes.

The CD also contains several animated film clips of Tootleg Boy songs.

For a sweet $9 this unique CD can be thine.  Simply use the link below, or contact me at and I’ll see ya right!