A nice little ad from Mr Blumenstein for the second Comic Book Funny, this April in Melbo.

Recognise the voice?

I’m bummed x 10 that I’ll not be able to attend the second one.  The first was great, but this one oughta be simply rad.  I’ll be in Japan for a hardly-needed-at-all holiday.  Here is a breakdown of my four favourite cities in order:

  1. Canberra = Work, peace, beauty, space, Kismet.
  2. Tokyo = Basically like the Katamari Damacy world.
  3. Sydney = Drunkenness, weird smells, Chinatown, adventures.
  4. Melbourne = Drunkenness, artists, art, Peking duck.

um… oh yeah, but Comic Book Funny will be grand.  So will Tokyo.  I hope they don’t have Peking Duck without me.  I will be having green tea ice cream with my sister and pals.   And so ends my most dull  blog entry to date.

THE END by Ben aged 33