This is a muckaround 3D animation project that will never amount to anything, so I might as well share these screenshots with you.

I have been back at 2K Games this week, so when i get home i wanna unwind with some fun 3D.  The thing about working at 2K is that for some reason working there gives me insomnia.

The other night I lay awake till about 2 and then awoke at 2:30 to really weird sounds… it sounded like what I imagine snoring pigeons to sound like.  I had heard snoring pigeons on Sesame Street so I knew that wasn’t it.  Maybe it was bats.  It was similar to the dipthong wail of those shaggy yaks from Star Wars Special Edition, or that “mmm!” sound the Skeksis make in the Dark Crystal.  It also crossed my mind that it might be people – really satanic ones wailing in a weird way.  There was also heaps of distant traffic and quite a few nearby trucks and cars which was really odd for 2:30 AM in Canberra.  I thought maybe there was some really big truck and cattle show for I dunno,  farmers out near Narrabundah or something and the sound was carrying really far.  But the weird ghostly whistles were weirder. so I got up and got dressed and got my little dictophone and went out.  I was glad I wasn’t superstitious coz the soundscape was very eerie.  If you believe in ghosts you are pretty much a write-off if there’s anything out of the ordinary at night time.  If I am ever at Sarah’s at night and say, something falls over, all I have to say is “That’s a ghost” and she gets a cold chill and goes all stiff and tells me not to say it.  But I always have to do it just to check to see if it works.

Out in the streets it was deathly still but sure enough, there were quite a few cars pulling out of driveways and stuff, and a few big trucks driving really fast and recklessly around.  One was one of those car-carrying trucks and there were a few vans and things.  They weren’t going to or coming from the same places.  This sounds very unexceptional but seriously, for Canberra that’s crazy town.  I thought there was some scheme afoot.  Anyway, I could hear the sounds clearly now and I recognized them as cows mooing.  Not the conversational moo that they do when they’re hanging out in the fields.  They sounded a little high pitched and distressed.  It sounded like they were coming from behind the flats across from the Red Hill shops which was weird as there is nothing but houses there.  I walked up past the shops adjacent to the flats, and a massive truck was pulling out from behind the butchers.  It was driving really recklessly and I almost thought it was gonna swerve into me.  There was no action here, so I wandered back down the path then turned up and went around behind the dodgy flats, but couldn’t hear anything except for the air-con at the shops which was blowing really loudly.  I think it was air con, but it could have just been a fan-based whoosh generator that they leave running all night for no reason.  I don’t know about all that shit.

I realised the cows must have been back down near the school grounds and their moos were echoing from against the flats.  The occasional car drove past, their headlights leaving spots in my eyes which made me think I saw figures moving about once or twice, giving me a fright.  As I walked back down, that same big truck was pulling out from the little road near the school and lurching and squeaking its way to the butchers, where it stopped and men were opening the doors and stuff.  There was a big logo of a cow on the side of the truck.

That seemed to half solve the riddle, but not really.  Why was there was mooing?  Trucks don’t deliver live cows to the butchers, do they?  They kill the meat at the abattoir first, and they sure don’t carry live cows around in that style of delivery truck.  There is no abattoir or coweries anywhere near Red Hill.  I never got to the bottom of it and I still wasn’t tired.  I had another shower and lay awake til about 4:30 thinking about my DVD collection and wondering if most people would recognize a cow if they heard it, or if they knew how butcher’s worked.

I worked all day the next day despite being fatigued.  Meanwhile everyone else was leaving early for stupid things like slight headaches and tummy bugs.  One guy left because his eyes were ‘really sore and twitchy’.